Eat well? For some years, the Mediterranean diet has become part of the intangible heritage of Unesco humanity. As we know, this eating pattern, common to the peoples bordering the Mediterranean basin, includes moderate quantities of meat, fish and dairy products, a predominance of fruit and vegetables, as well as products such as wine, aromatic herbs and spices.

Eat Well

Diet? Yes, but that’s not all. The centrality of the meal as a moment of sharing with others, the craftsmanship as well as the attention to biodiversity and traditions make the Mediterranean diet a real lifestyle.

Here are some tips inspired by this diet, to improve nutrition, health and well-being.

Simplicity and moderation

Up to fifty years ago, sweets or a hearty meal were a happy occasion to share an important moment: today the exception becomes the rule and we often get up from the table with a feeling of heaviness destined to affect weight and levels of energy.

When you eat little manipulated foods, the result of a simple and natural cuisine, you feel more agile: the benefits affect the whole organism, because the sensation of perennial tiredness decreases, circulation improves, the skin becomes brighter and purer. Train your taste for simplicity and choose your daily diet following the criterion of moderation, a value to be rediscovered in this age of waste and abundance.

To re-educate the palate, use a few hours of time by cooking seasonal, fresh and quality foods to be stored in the freezer: you will save time and gain health.

Healthy and beautiful with water

According to research carried out in Germany, drinking two glasses of water before meals helps you lose weight.

Water hydrates, purifies, detoxifies and can have positive effects on headaches. Get help from wild ingredients rich in water and easy to prepare: fresh fruit and vegetables can be an excellent snack to combine with seeds and nuts, rich in Omega 3. Avoid putting drinks on the table at mealtimes, it is a bad habit even for the little ones.

Iced tea? Prepare it yourself, it’s very easy: you just need a few sachets and, if you like, the addition of fruit or a branch of aromatic herbs for a refreshing drink that can be kept in the fridge for a few days.

Water, plain vegetables, soups and herbal teas can relieve hunger pangs and help the sense of satiety. During the summer, prepare the vegetable puree and … put it in the fridge! It is also excellent cold.

Down with laziness

Getting active is not a question of expensive gym memberships or the usual good intentions (which remain so) about the sport you would like to do. An active lifestyle is energy, desire to do things, enthusiasm.

Cycling and walking help keep you fit, fight aging and allow for a lower environmental impact. Furthermore, thanks to physical activity it improves mood, not to mention the beneficial effects of sunlight. Being outdoors is good for the body and mind.

Rediscover the pleasure of food

A recent survey has shown that the mothers of obese children tend not to see the real condition of their children, so much so that they encourage the little ones to eat more.

Educating to taste is a resource capable of making us more aware of our needs. Be grateful for the food you have, learn to choose what makes you feel energetic and snappy, mentally thank all those thanks to whom the meal has arrived on your table.

According to some studies, practicing gratitude has positive effects on the immune system and increases happiness. True anti-wrinkle is what makes us feel alive, in body and mind.

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